hey, I'm rohit 👋

I'm a web developer and computer engineer from India. Currently, I work as a Software Engineer at botspace logoBotSpace, focusing on constructing the backend infrastructure of the platform. 🚀

While I have experience working on web applications using the MEAN/MERN stack, my recent focus has shifted towards backend engineering 🛠️. Over the past few months, I've discovered a genuine passion for this field, and as a result, I'm trying to learn 📚 more and more about backend engineering these days.

In addition to my personal learning journey, I occasionally contribute to knowledge sharing through my blog posts 📃, which are published on botspace logoHashnode. You'll find writing about technologies I'm interested in at the time, or how I'm learning and growing in my careers, sharing knowledge along the way.

I enjoy working on side projects 👨‍💻, and I have couple of interesting ones. Feel free to explore my botspace logoGithub repositories for a closer look at these projects.

Regarding my work experience 💼, I have gained valuable industry knowledge through my previous roles at the following organizations:

fyle logo
taxadda logo
parceldeck logo
quadb logo